We did it!!!!!!

A huge congratulations to our Under 17’s and Reserve grade boys for their brilliant effort on Sunday!! Justin, Matt and Jason could not be prouder of their Tigers Boys! Unbelievable wins over the Mangoplah Goanna’s. Each and every player should be so proud of themselves, they showed huge Tiger determination to make sure we were winners on the day. Something worth noting – It was Wagga Tigers 3rd win in a row for our Under 17’s a great effort and shows exciting times for the years ahead. We were also winners in the Men’s Sprint – congratulations to Campbell Lovell, we were unlucky to just miss out on the girls sprint with Ruby Gooden coming a close second. And for those of you that weren’t there – we were also the Banner winners too ( that’s our opinion) Well done John “Banner Boy” Bance and his merry team of banner makers – AFL cubs will hunt us down next years – ours was so good!

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