This Honour Board has been erected in the Robert Hughes Clubrooms to perpetuate the memory of John McDonald Laughton. Donated by John Laughton (sen.)

1957 Tim Robb Terry Rutzou Premiers Pat Dunn
1958 Tim Robb Neil Rutzou Premiers Les Morrow
1959 Tim Robb Neil Rutzou Premiers Don Ness
1960 Tim Robb Ed Farrah 2nd Bill Johnston
1961 Tim Robb Ed Farrah Premiers Ed Farrah
1962 Tim Robb Neil Rutzou Premiers Chicky Hann
1963 John Shelton/ Ed Farrah Russ Parr 6th Milton Breust
1964 Fred Mundy Milton Breust 7th Chicky Hann
1965 Fred Mundy R Hann 2nd Denis Heathcote
1966 Ray Parr R Berry 7th Peter Power
1967 Bernie Anderson Alister Caldwell 5th Peter Power
1968 Bernie Anderson Alister Caldwell 4th John Dingle
1969 John Wright Alister Caldwell 3rd Ross Symons
1970 Tim Robb * John Wright 8th Simon Bird
1971 Phillip Gehrig Graham Farrell 5th Warick Jones
1972 Doug Priest  Warick Jones 2nd Owen Dunlop
1973 Doug Priest Greg Sheather 4th Greg Sheather
1974 Doug Priest Greg Sheather 3rd Peter Friedleib
1975 Doug Priest Peter Power Premiers Peter Power
1976 Doug Priest Peter Power 3rd Bruce Forbes
1977 Colin Anderson Peter Power Premiers Doug Priest
1978 Colin Anderson Peter Power Premiers Bruce Forbes
1979 Colin Anderson Peter Power 2nd Colin Anderson
1980 Gerald Pieper Phil Osbeiston Premiers Gerald Pieper
1981 Gerald Pieper Phil Osbeiston Premiers Bevan Rowe
1982 Gerald Pieper Bevan Rowe 4th Russell Pieper
1983 Gerald Pieper Phillip Cox 3rd Paul Hawke
1984 Barry Ough Russell Pieper 10th Russell Pieper
1985 Herman Van deBeek Gerald Pieper Premiers Barry Ough
1986 Gerald Pieper Chris Chamberlain 3rd George Galvin
1987 Gerald Pieper G Turbill 2nd Michael Spittle
1988 Greg Sheather * Gerald Pieper 3rd Gerald Pieper
1989 Greg Sheather * John Dore 2nd Gerald Pieper, Paul Kelly
1990 Russell Durnan Graham Doswell 2nd Gerald Pieper
1991 Graham Doswell Mark Hull 3rd Jason Morton
1992 Graham Doswell Gerald Pieper 3rd Paul Hawke
1993 Terry Daniher Graham Doswell Premiers Terry Daniher
1994 Terry Daniher Jason Morton Premiers Terry Daniher
1995 Terry Daniher Jason Morton Premiers Jason Morton
1996 Terry Daniher Jason Morton 2nd Steven Priest
1997 Terry Daniher Mark Stone Premiers Steven Priest
1998 Terry Daniher Mark Stone Premiers Mark Stone
1999 Mark Sone Steven Priest Premiers Steven Priest
2000 Mark Sone Darren Cook 3rd Darren Cook
2001 Gavin McMahon Darren Cook Premiers Jarrod Twitt
2002 Gavin McMahon Darren Cook 6th Daniel Jacques
2003 Nathon Irvin Tom Power 6th Chris Jackson
2004 Nathon Irvin Tom Power 6th Nathan McDonald
2005 Nathon Irvin Steven Priest 6th Rowan Wadley
2006 M Walder Chris Jackson 7th Nathan McDonald
2007 M Walder Ryan Plant Premiers Steven Priest
2008 Troy Maiden * Tom Power c, Josh Gaynor vc 3rd Steven Priest, Chris Jackson
2009 Troy Maiden * Josh Gaynor 3rd Nathan McDonald
2010 Josh Gaynor, Damien Papworth no VC 5th Josh Gaynor
2011 Tom Power Josh Gaynor, Damien Papworth 4th Brett Doswell
2012 Tom Power Damien Papworth 5th Shaun Flanigan
2013 Tom Power Matt Rava 4th Matt Rava
2014 Matt Rava  no VC 4th John Anstee
2015 Matt Rava no VC 4th Shaun Flanigan
2016 Shaun Campbell no VC  Premiers Brendan Myers
2017 Shaun Campbell no VC  6th Campbell Lovell
2018 Shaun Campbell, Coach Nick Ryan, Captain 8th Nick Ryan

* Denotes Non Playing Coach

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