Under 17’s

This Honour Board has been erected in the Robert Hughes Clubrooms to perpetuate the memory of John Mcdonald Laughton. Donated by John Laughton (sen.)

1981 Bevan Rowe 2nd Craig Dohl
1982 Bevan Rowe 4th Ian Smith
1983 Terry Posselt 5th Brendan Hickey
1984 Alan Parr 7th Scott Bance
1985 Alan Snowden 4th Paul Comerford
1986 Alan Snowden 4th Ray Willis
1987 Alan Snowden 3rd Ray Willis
1988 Alan Snowden Premiers Simon Wilson
1989 Alan Snowden 5th Nick Schnidt
1990 Doug Priest 2nd Steven Priest
1991 Doug Priest 4th Cory Bocking
1992 Mark Gooden Premiers Scott Evans
1993 Mark Gooden Premiers Richard Ough
1994 Mark Gooden 3rd Glen Medau
1995 Mark Gooden Premiers Danny Millman
1996 Graham Twitt 2nd Aaron deJong
1997 Anthony Lyons Premiers Jamie Nockolds
1998 Anthony Lyons Premiers Andrew Brown
1999 Alan Snowden 2nd Scott Connors
2000 Warick Brown 3rd Mathew Nooan
2001 Ray Colvin Premiers David Roose
2002 Ray Colvin 7th Andrew Preston
2003 Ray Colvin 5th Troy Wright, Jarrod Kahlefeldt
2004 Ray Colvin 5th Mark Geppert
2005 Ray Colvin Premiers Jaden Kelly
2006 Ray Colvin Premiers Jacob Powell
2007 Russell Durnan 2nd Luke Gestier
2008 Peter Delaney Premiers Sam Ryan
2009 John Bentley Premiers Taylor Bentley
2010 John Bentley, Mark Hull 3rd Tom Lindon
2011 Pat Byrne 4th Elliott Hull
2012 Pat Byrne Premiers Sam Armstrong
2013 Pat Byrne, Matt Noonan, A Norton Premiers Connor Byrne
2014 Matt Noonan, Jason Morton Premiers Nick McCormack
2015 Col Carroll, Shaun Flanigan 3rd Sam Schirmer
2016 Col Carroll, Ryan Colvin 3rd Mitch Wadley
2017 Ryan Colvin 6th Xavier Lyons
2018 Steven Priest 6th Tommy McCoullough


2009 – Became an Under 17 Competition


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