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NOTE: These are starting handicaps only – THEY WILL CHANGE!!!!

2014 1st Grade Vote Count Form-guide.

1 Ben Farrell
Spent the first part of the year stringing strong performances together in the 2’s deservedly getting a call up against Griffith away, not afraid to take the game on. Head gear draws attention, expected to poll votes in half his games.

2 Josh Parmenter
The Sydney connection, silky ball user who finds space in the forward 50 time and time again. Had days out in both of the close loses to Gullie kicking 5 away. Will poll well throughout the year, plays 100 minutes of consistent football.

3 Pat Gaynor
Coming back from a knee injury was quickly elevated into the senior line up and became an essential key in the defensive unit. Reads the ball in the air backs himself to take the mark. Not traditionally a defenders night but should get enough votes to challenge with a good head start.

4 Matt Rava
The Supercoach, reigning B&F winner, at his best when the game is hard and tight. Runs straight lines and brings players into the game and loves a goal. A known vote getter and will poll strongly again, looking at the 9 votes in the both games against Coolamon. Hard to go past at the odds.

5 Jon Anstee
The Tiger Cub, has been the bridesmaid in previous years but this year could be the first backman to win overall since Darren Cook in 2000. A true centre half back reads the play and flight of the ball as well as anyone in the comp, rarely beaten this year and one of a few players to play all the games this year. Should pick up votes in most of them. Could very well be starting as the scratch marker a very good investment for overall and especially the handicap with a head start.

6 Campbell Lovell
One of a host of young players to make his mark this year and arguably the most significant. Plenty of pace on the outside and gets his own ball. Rewarded for a stellar season with a call up to the Giants reserves after a purple patch 3 games on either side of the bye. Will poll strongly and a has handicap to suit. Definite chance at stealing a few votes out of several games.

7 Charlie Bance
Another young player to make his mark, gets to all the right spots and provides a plenty of run and carry which is sure to turn the voters heads especially from someone so young. Helped keep the game alive at Ganmain and will poll votes in that game. Could seriously be enough to get him over the line with his handicap.

8 Pat Noonan
Promoted to the leadership group midway through the year after a stellar start to the season where he had stints in the middle and kicked goals off half back. Showed his class and polish under pressure this and loves a contest. Played every game up until Turvey at home. Handicapped to suit and a definite smoky.

9 Shaun Flanigan
B&F in 2012 and runner up last year, absolute out and out vote getter. Did not play until Ganmain away due to injury but will get plenty of votes in the games he plays. Smooth runner and loves a goal. Genuine handicap contender will not get a head start like this again.

10 Warren Bartlett
GROUP B; Had a big Pre-season and was duly rewarded with a senior call up. An outside runner and classy ball user looks to pull a few votes with a big handicap and could be the player in this group that brings home the money.

12 Jamie Wolf
GROUP B, New to the club, but fitted in well. In and under and a great finisher. Kicked goals in most of his games including a bag of 3 against Leeton. Injury cruelled a promising season but only needs to poll in two games to give the money a shake with this handicap.

14 Jackson Kelly
No introductions required, another young player who had a breakout season. Gets to the right spots and seldom turns the ball over, started the season well and was rewarded for a great season with a call up to the Sydney reserves. Expected to get votes throughout the season, a potential winner with a handicap to suit and plenty of 1 and 2 votes. Do not discount the overall either.

16 Brady Morton
Lanky wingman with pace and a great set of hands, often outnumbered never outplayed used as a link from defence to attack. His ability to run is evident from the sidelines and will get votes because of it. May be a little under on the handicap but could prove a good return on your investment.

17 Brad Graham
The tireless ruckman, rucks all day and provides first use to the onballers time and time again. Loses no admirers for his efforts and bobs up with timely goals. Handicapped short but for a very good reason.

18 Matt Noonan
The incumbent full back, punch at all costs, but extremely solid and reliable. His talk and leadership on the ground is appreciated on the sidelines. Was used as a Jake Carlisle type swingman throughout the year and kicked goals against Turvey at home. Has a big handicap but will get votes, hard to go pass if you can get him at a good price.

20 Josh Larwood
GROUP A; Solid utility who only knows one way to play and could be the ace in this Group. Undoubtedly will get votes purely from the way he goes about his football especially with some old school voters in the stands. Get on this group with a big head start, you could do a lot worse.

22 Ben Davis
The scratch marker, only just pipped Nick Ryan but deservedly so. He should poll in all but two of his games arguably the most consistent player of the year. Instrumental across half back and spent time in the middle. Goes back with the flight and always uses the ball well by foot. First year at the club but will definitely get votes. A real chance for a return on the outright win.

23 James Hodges
Played a handful of games due to injury but had real impact in the ones he did. Big marking player who hit the scoreboard in every game. Will be a vote getter the question is how many, had his best game against Gullie when he kicked 3. Handicapped to suit an outside chance but forwards do get votes.

24 Jack Collins
A running half back who is hard at the ball and has cemented a spot in the damaging back 6, arguably the teams most consistent set. His first season at the club and has slotted in well, being one of the most reliable with ball in hand, rarely makes a mistake and has launched countless attacks by foot. An absolute chance with a handicap which is inflated only because he is a backman.

25 Lahn Shepherd
A club favourite leaves it all on the park probably should poll better than he does and is handicapped to reflect that. A player’s player and voting should reflect, he has had a new role this year running through the middle and votes should be more free flowing than previous years. Could be the safest money of the night with a head start like this.

26 Angus Durnam
Returning from injury he had a late start but with dominant performances in the 2nds he made up for lost time slotting straight into the forward line and quickly became a vital focal point higher up the ground. Gets a lot of ball come through him and takes a solid, often contested, mark. Not many games but should poll healthily. A real smoky and will come home late with a handicap in his favour.

27 Xavier Brennan
The Doc has had an interrupted season due to work commitments. He works the ground well as a second lead up target and his unrewarded running will have gained him plenty of admirers. Doesn’t need many votes take this with a healthy handicap had a blinder against Ganmain at Robbo and could very well pick up votes in his first two games.

30 John Buchannan
A capable and handy forward flanker plays taller than he is and has an exceptional set of hands, goal kicking can be wayward at times but gets plenty of the ball, has kicked 3 in a match at least 3 times this year. Middle of the pack head start and he could stitch up the handicap honours in rounds 12-15.

31 Dave Rava
GROUP C. Made a comeback after some time away from the game but his football smarts and voice around the pack were exceptional. Was building into some good form before injury. A single vote could get this group over the line well and truly worth a punt.

32 Mitch Hawker
New to the club and was used in defence and attack early before becoming a focal point in the forward line. Dominated against Leeton kicking 4 and marking everything and had really solid games either side of that one. Extremely good handicap and if he gets the possible against Leeton only needs to pick up 1 or 2 more votes and he could be home.

33 Jake Gunning
GROUP D. Had a breakout season last year, tall, athletic and kicks goals natural vote getter. Has the ability to poll votes and kicked a couple against Griffith this year. With a big headstart could only need 1 vote to win it.

36 Nick Ryan
Best season to date, small in stature but like Michael Clarke punches above his weight (and height) week in week out. Tenacious and quick he will get votes as much for his tackling and aggression at the footy as his ability with the footy. Short odds for a very good reason, with bags of 6 and 4 he has a real chance to win the overall and must be a shot at getting the owner a double dip at handicap and overall.

38 Jacob Osbeiston
A return to full time football has seen Ozzie have a solid year. Great above his head and at ground level. An injection into the midfield has taken his game to a new level. Playing inside and outside he has become critical to the sides engine room and will pick up plenty of votes for stoppage work. Handicapped short but definitely worth a punt at the right price and a genuine outside chance for the overall from those in the know.

39 Nathan Cooke
Got his chance before the bye and took it with both hands should poll votes in his first three games. Outright pace and a leap to boot it is from the sidelines that his work rate is most notable and will win plenty of admirers in the voting world on that alone. Possibly the best value for money in the handicap race.

40 Jeremiah Maslin
Brought down by injury against Ganmain, do not be surprised if he is leading the overall at that stage. His best year to date, his sheer work rate and ability to win the ball will get him votes. Expect him to get votes in nearly every game he played and the handicap is set up for him, an absolute chance to win the money.

43 Shaun Bouchier
GROUP D. Played a couple of games and was solid in defence and was possibly unlucky to be dropped, has knocked on the door ever since with outstanding performances in the 2nds. In a group where 1 vote could win.

48 Matt Etchells
GROUP C. Previous leading goal kicker at the club, played well when given his chance and slotted one in his first 20 seconds. In the golden group that will possibly win with a vote.

55 Brad Ryan
GROUP A. The big man had built his form throughout the year in the 2nds and when given his chance took it, Takes a great contested mark and is rarely beaten in the air, kicks goals and has spent time in the ruck. With a head start that could see him win the handicap by several votes he is more than a dark horse.

Nick McCormack
GROUP D. Had a forgettable ending to a bright start, good ball user and kicked a great goal, is another member of the golden group and could quite possibly sneak a vote.

Paul Battenally
GROUP A, Athletic and tall utility, Played out of his skin after a late call up in the big win against Mango and will be surprised if he does not get the full votes out there. Will not need many votes to win the handicap in a group with several challengers.

Sam Hodges
GROUP C. Smart midfield utility player loves picking up a kick on the outside and has shown to be a genuine line break player with great decision making. Only played in one game but is in that golden group for the handicap.

Kade Rowbotham
New to the club and gained a lot of admirers both on field and off with his brand of football. Puts his head over the ball and runs straight lines which always impresses the voters from yesteryear. Expect him to poll in 4 of his 5 games definitely a good one to get if you get him for the right price.

Jade Hodge
Group C. Got a call up to the seniors when the running stocks took a hit, outright pace and unrivalled courage to take the game on. He held his spot for a reason and was almost the difference in the game against Mango at home. Absolute chance to get a vote and get this group over the line.

NOTE: These are starting handicaps only – THEY WILL CHANGE!!!!

Player Name M G MG TIB Handicap BOG
Benjamin Davis 11 1 1 9 0.00 Rd 2,11
Nick Ryan 11 19 6 7 3.00 Rd 9,13,14
John Anstee 14 4 5.00 Rd 4, 6
Jacob Osbeiston 14 1 1 4 6.00 Rd 15
Matthew Rava 11 4 1 6 9.00 Rd 5
Joshua Parmenter 13 16 5 3 10.00 Rd 16
Jackson Kelly 11 4 2 3 11.00
Bradley Graham 14 2 1 7 12.00
Campbell Lovell 11 6 2 6 17.00 Rd 8, 12
Charles Bance 7 1 1 1 20.00
Patrick Gaynor 11 5 21.00
Patrick Noonan 11 4 1 3 22.00 Rd 3
Shaun Flanigan 8 1 1 4 22.00
John Buchanan 13 19 3 2 23.00
Nathan Cooke 6 1 1 2 23.00
Jeremiah Maslin 7 7 3 4 23.00
Lahn Shepherd 14 4 3 2 24.00
Jack Collins 13 2 25.00
Mitchell Hawker 13 10 4 1 29.00 Rd 7
Brady Morton 10 2 1 2 30.00
Angus Durnan 3 5 3 1 31.00
Xavier Brennan 7 1 1 32.00 Rd 15
Benjamin Farrell 4 1 32.00
Kade Rowbotham 5 1 1 2 34.00
James Hodges 6 9 3 2 35.00
Paul Battenally 4 1 36.00
Bradley Ryan 4 5 2 36.00
Josh Larwood 6 36.00
Shaun Bourchier 2 43.00
Warren Bartlett 4 1 1 43.00
Jamie Wolf 7 7 3 43.00
Matthew Noonan 14 3 2 44.00
David Rava 3 44.00
Jade Hodge 2 44.00
Mathew Etchells 2 1 1 44.00
Jake Gunning 9 5 2 45.00
Nicholas Mccormack 2 1 1 45.00
Sam Hodges 1 45.00



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